Back To School Shopping For My 3rd GraderBack To School Shopping For My 3rd Grader

The time has come, mothers rejoice the kids will be going back to school!

But this means back to school shopping for my third grader, new uniforms, shoes, school supplies etc. I’ve only got one child in school right now, my daughter.

This year she needs new uniform shirts, skirts, shorts, leggings, underwear, socks, tennis shoes, a book bag and school supplies. At her school they do wear uniforms Monday thru Thursday and on Friday they can wear casual clothes that meet the dress code.

My goal is to be able to find great items that my daughter will love to wear without a fight every morning, and at a reasonable price. Back to school shopping always makes me reminisce about when I was in grade school and went back to school shopping with my mom.

First up on my list is leggings.

My go to store for leggings is Target, their Cat & Jack brand. They come in 10 different colors and wash up great. These are great to stock up on to wear under dresses, skirts or with a cute top.  My daughter is going through a phase where she dislikes jeans, so leggings are the go to year round.

Cat & Jack's girls' line

Next up is new tennis shoes.

These are a must for the new school year. Kid’s feet grow so quickly you might even replace tennis shoes more than once a year.  My daughter unfortunately does have feet problems that she has to wear orthotics for. It is very important to find her good quality shoes that fit her orthotics, are comfortable and will give her feet proper support. In the past New Balance was a good option for her.  This year we found Nike’s at Kohl’s for a great price. They met all of our qualifications and she loves them! This color is amazing, do they come in my size? Hmmm maybe mom will get a new pair too!

Nike Black and blue

For uniform tops I go to Kohl’s.

They each carry a variety of uniforms colors, styles and sizes.  For polo uniform shirts I love the Chaps brand at Kohl’s. The quality is great, they are made from a nice thick material that washes up well.  The polos come in 11 different colors, including light pink which is a must for girls. My daughter’s school allows different solid colors for the polos, so it is nice that there are this many color options available.


For uniform skirts JcPenney’s is the spot.

Their IZOD brand is the best for uniform skirts.  I can wash and throw them in the dryer and they never wrinkle or need ironed. They come in the basic colors, Navy and Khaki and a variety of sizes. We always go for the kind that already has shorts built in . JcPenney’s always has sales and coupons that you can use as well.

Black skirt

Last on my list was a new book bag.

I remember when I was a child and a bookbag was THE most important item. It was exciting to see what everyone was carrying the first day of school. This year my daughter picked out a cute bookbag found at Target. It is a black /white polka dot bag that is perfect for my little girl.  They have so many cute options out there. Now that my list is complete, I’m ready to enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

black polka dot bag